About Ding

What’s it like working here?

If you’re looking for a regular 9-5 role then this isn’t the place for you. Here at Ding you get lots of challenges, plenty of work and loads of opportunities.

OK so if you look hard enough you could possibly find that elsewhere, that’s true…..but we add some extras into the mix to make it a bit special – our people, yes that means you! We’ve genuinely hired a great bunch of people that work well together. There are lots of talented and hardworking people out there but we take time to pick people who will gel well with the quirky, fun loving and healthy orientated bunch that we’ve got here.

You’ll be expected to get through high volumes of work but, when you can’t get through it all, your colleagues will be here to lend a hand so you can make it to 5.30pm bootcamp in the park or the BBQ in the Ding garden.

Working at Ding gives you the opportunity to work with, and learn from, genuinely passionate and driven people. Like our customers, our team members have joined us from all around the world. We come from different cultures, speak different languages yet we all share one thing in common; we care about sending top-up instantly and reliably.

Oh and yes, like all Tech firms, we’ve got a pretty cool office but we make sure it’s relevant to Ding. So if you’re looking for a gimmicky music room or sleep area you’ll have to go elsewhere. We’ve got our own barista bar (Top-Up Bar) which stocks the obligatory pastries and brownies but there’s also an array of healthy options too. We have regular inspirational speaker talks, host fundraising events for various charities and run special events for our team such as our Think Well week.


Ding is the world’s largest top-up provider. Created to help people working abroad to support and keep in touch with loved ones back home, Ding provides the simplest, quickest and best top-up service ever. By keeping mobiles topped up, Ding is making a real difference to people’s lives.

We’ve our head office in Dublin and also have homes in Miami, Dubai, Bucharest, Barcelona, Dhaka and San Salvador.

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